Everyday by Jen Geigley

Type: Craft books

Find something special in your everyday. ‘Everyday’ is a collection of 11 modern hand knits that are casual, comfortable and truly fun to knit and wear. The modern silhouettes of the tanks and sweaters in this book will work their way into every season of your wardrobe, on their own or as layering pieces. Chunky, bulkier yarns round out this collection with a cozy range of accessories to get you through the colder months. This book has something for everyone – new knitters may find their first sweater in these pages and experienced knitters will enjoy the combination of an advanced knitting stitch (like the Lateral Braid) with modern shapes. These pieces will appeal to the knitter who has an appreciation for fashion. I knit every day. Or nearly every day. Knitting has become an integral part of my existence – like music; like breathing. Knitting before bed is my nightcap, my zen. Knitting while I travel is one of my most favorite things to do. If you are a knitter, I know you feel the same. This hobby is a fundamental part of our everyday. Form or function? I don’t think you have to choose. When you are a knitter, you can have it all. Knit. Wear. Live life to the fullest. Make it just the way you want it. Make it your own. Fill your life with things that look cool and are easy to wear in your everyday.