You don't say...

  • Whether you do or do not have it, you can FCancer

    Sharon, Dondi, Joye and many others we have met along the way come to Parker Avenue and most days you wouldn’t know they were anything but knitters, crocheters and vital members of our community. Some days they are vital members in need of our community. Be kind, be gracious, be patient and be open. In this family no one fights alone.

  • There is JOYE with an "E" by Joye Watts Mosley

    "Parker Avenue realizes the importance of community in building a relationships, thriving, and helping to support our fellow community members. I also recognized the need for community when I decided to change my lifestyle and fight cancer head on."
  • Survivorship

    I find myself going round and round and round with this question over and over again what does the survivorship look like what is it all about what does it mean for me? The answer is only I can determine that and it’s some thing that I’ll be figuring out day in and day out for the rest of my life.
  • Dondi and The Gift That Keeps Giving


    Yes, I do make jokes about my fobs regularly. I say stuff like when I am dead, they will sit up straighter and save the mortician some time. I give aggressive hugs and attempt to hurt you.  Laugh about how they get cold because they are water base.
    This is my choice to laugh about it because I CHOOSE to not be so serious all of the time.
  • Fight- Like A Girl

    I hate that the symbol of breast cancer is a pink ribbon. To me the pink ribbon campaign feels dainty, small. It’s like some antiquated image of femininity and this disease came to challenge my sense of being feminine.